Making Business Conferences More Memorable

Conferences are all about making powerful face to face connections, putting faces to names, and reaching out to engage and interact with existing and new audiences. You're there to build your business, connect direct with potential clients, meet important people in the flesh, learn from your fellow presenters and observe your competitors in action.

A business conference is a creative, highly innovative space. It's vital to make a good, positive, instant impression to capture people's attention and hold their interest. With the best will in the world, competition for delegates' time is fierce.

How do you make your presence stand out from the crowd? Graphic recording is fascinating to watch, a hugely entertaining creative process that unfolds in front of an audience's eyes like magic, pulling out salient points and building a living document that says a great deal more than words or images alone could possibly put across.

If you'd like to make a bigger impact at your next conference, let's talk.

Chris Shipton graphic recording at Bostrom