Alex Ostelvalder at Leancamp 2

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Here is a re-drawing of an old Graphic Recording from January 2012.

Way back in 2012 I went to Leancamp 2 which was a great un-conference organised by Salim Virani. It was my first ever introduction to the Lean Start Up ideas put forward by Eric Ries.

Before I went I had read 'Business Model Generation' Alex Osterwalder. So I was thrilled that he was going to be speaking. It was one of my first public Graphic Recording moments. I plastered a load of magic paper (sort of plastic instant whiteboards) all over a spare bit of wall. And just went for it. If you look at the original the drawing tapers off on the bottom right hand corner, mainly because that part was a think layer of multiple bits of plastic sort of stuck behind an overhead projector.