Peter Weyland's 2023 TED talk - Visual Notes

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There is a viral video out for the upcoming Sir Riddles film 'Prometheus' which will be an Alien pre-quel. Clearly I have ridiculously high expectations of this film, being a total Alien fanboy. This is a viral video with a difference. It's a TED talk from Peter Weyland made in 2023. They will still have graphic recording in 2023. It'll probably be done with a cybernetic implant so you can visualise the stuff onto some huge digital canvas as you hear the words. So I've made a graphic recording of the talk. While the technology of 2023 is advanced, there will still be drawing with wobbly black lines!

It's a pretty dark TED talk from one of the amoral characters that appear to populate the continuity of the Alien films. here it is:

And here are my visual notes:

And if you go to and use the tweet button you'll find this is a video of 2023 posted in 2073. I imagine in 2073 Graphic Recorders will all be cybernetic individuals who draw with bewildering speed and unerring accuracy!!