Sarwant Singh at #dmiLondon 2014

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I was pleased to be able to attend a fascinating conference on Design Management in July. I sketchnoted the whole thing, and you can see the DMI Sketchnote Flickr feed here.

However I missed one at the end - due to a tired arm and low blood sugar level botched the Sarwant Singh sketchnote. So I did it 'offline'. And here it is:

Sarwant Singh is a well known futurist and expert in Mega Trends and pioneer of the "macro to micro" methodology which helps translate the Mega Trends to their micro level implications. In his key note closing speech, Sarwant will highlight the top 10 Mega Trends that are impacting our business world, our society and personal lives and how these Mega Trends provides new opportunities to designers. In an engrossing presentation filled with case studies, Sarwant will provide a visionary journey of the future world and new business models.