Sustainable Cities & Mobility & the Giga Horse

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Graphic Recording of Sustainable Development and Growth in Cities and Mobility at COP21

I went to the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015 at COP21 - the UN Climate Conference in 2015. It was great to be in Paris and part of a truly global event. And here is my Graphic Recording of two of the sessions at the event. I used an extra large drawing board and the event techs were really good at setting up nice lighting for me. So it was a joy to be there Graphic Recording as it had some excellent elements. Those being i) great content that was globally relevant ii) loads of space to draw iii) great lighting!

A Graphic Recording of Sustainable Development and Growth in Cities and Mobility at COP21 on the large sized drawing board

Here you can see the image I created in progress and on the board. However there is , as journalists might say, a 'story within a story' here. Which is my recent obsession with Mad Max Fury Road. Now I've always been a fan of those films. I didn't go to see MMFR in the cinema because I was worried it wouldn't be good enough. Well it is. And for about 4 months after seeing it for the first time, Immortan Joe and the Giga Horse were sneaking into my event drawing.

The Giga Horse and Immortan Joe trying to park in Oslo a detail of a Graphic Recording

But it wasn't just at the Sustainable Innovation Forum the Giga Horse has been sneaking in. At other events it just seemed to fit. Now follows a small collection of images from various events:

A detail from a Graphic Recording showing the Giga Horse Driving GrowthIf you're going to drive growth, use a Twin V8 monster..

A Graphic Recording extract showing how the Giga horse can be used to demonstrate scalable IT infrastructureThe Giga Horse can also be used to explore scalable IT infrastructure solutions...

The Giga Horse demonstrate customer service in a Graphic Recording excerpt

It can be seen as an exemplar of great customer service.

Will the Giga Horse be made by BMW?

And imagine my delight at being able to squeeze it in during a talk about car design. I'm sort of over it now, there have been few Giga Horse's appearing in 2016. There is an instinctive creative reaction in the space between the person saying something up front, the processing of the idea in the scribe's mind and the delivery of the idea via a pen onto a bit of paper. There is an immediacy there that makes graphic recording such an enjoyable experience. But it also means that Giga Horse's can just sneak in!

Graphic Recording of a talk by BMW at the Global Innovation forum 2015