Graphic Recording

I’m a cartoonist who brings big bits of paper and pens to meetings and events.

Work Examples

Check out some examples of my work from the last few years, all this was created live at a meeting or event, and then digitised.
Read about Graphic Recording.


Sketchnotes can be made by anyone, all you need is a sketchbook, some pens and something to listen to!
See some Sketchnotes.

Rich Pictures

Have a look at some of my business focussed illustration work. This work evolves from Graphic Recording and co-creation.
See Rich Pictures.

What is it?

Read a run down of my take on Graphic Recording (also known as scribing or live illustration).
What is Graphic Recording?

What are sketchnotes?

If you want to know more find out about the Sketchnote Handbook.
Want to know more?

How a Rich Picture is made

Creating a great Rich Picture is a big process where a client is involved at all stages.
Discover my process!