Harnessing Sketchnotes for Better Business

Sometimes a large sheet of paper isn't what's needed. Sometimes Sketchnotes are the best approach. And all it takes is a simple A4 sketchbook.

Using a sketchbook to record ideas, inspiration, decisions and more at events, meetings and any other kind of business gathering is simplicity itself, a practical, flexible and very versatile approach. Sit me quietly in a corner and I'll sketch away without disturbing anyone, creating detailed small-scale visuals that have a whole lot more impact than everyday meeting notes or minutes.

While you get business done, I record the proceedings faithfully according to your brief, depending on the things you want me to focus on and the results you want to fall out of the process. You might want me to record actions, pin down the path that the decision making process took, or something else altogether.

Cartoons are a clear, simple format that people from every walk of corporate life find easy to understand. Whatever you want me to set down on paper, I represent it graphically so everyone can 'get' exactly what happened, at a glance.

If you think Sketchnotes will help enhance progress at your organisation and make meetings work harder, contact me to explore the potential.

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