Meetings are serious business. Words are incredibly powerful. Imagery is equally potent. Blend all three and the result is an incredibly effective and memorable way to put messages across in a way they'll be remembered.

Cartoons are much more influential and immediate than regular meeting notes. Graphic recording enhances meetings, delivers wonderfully clear results and delights attendees, bringing out the best in everyone concerned. You talk, you discuss, and you explore. I draw, I write, and the meeting unfolds on paper in the most imaginative and creative way, documenting the salient facts and most important aspects of what's being discussed as they unfold.

You can share my drawings with people in your company and beyond, making certain that everyone involved has a crystal clear picture of the subjects you covered, the thought processes you went through, the issues you resolved and – ultimately - the decisions you made.

If you'd like your next meeting or strategic session to make a bigger, better impact, I can help you achieve exactly that.