From Graphic Recording to Rich Picture

When I take a graphic recording and work it up to a more polished and accessible document I call it a Rich Picture.

This is a small case study demonstrating that process. I was working with the new Transport Systems Catapult as they were developing their vision and strategy. It was part of a far broader process facilitated by my friend and colleague Vijit Singh at I Wish.

This piece of work was made in a very intense session, and ended up having a far higher weight of words than images. The notes were placed on the page in context, different topics and discussions grouped in different areas. It was a great asset to the workshop as it happened. But as a longer lasting piece it needed more work.

A sprawling mass of text and images - a Graphic Recording

The First Rough

After the workshop the vision and strategy took a stellar leap forward, ideas were developed and refined beyond those captured in the Graphic Recording. I was briefed to take those ideas, the essence of the original imagery and create a ‘Rich Picture’ that could be put up in the board room.

A pencil re-working of a grpahic recording

The Second Rough

The parameters of the drawing changed, the first rough informed discussion and it was revealed the space available was a whopping 4m by 1.2m. This gave me loads of room to represent the Vision & Strategy.

A neat version of the new image

The Final Image

The final process was somewhat involved. Each element of the drawing was carefully hand drawn. Because it was a large scale image it had to retain its print fidelity. So each drawing was re-created as a vector image and the pieced together and coloured digitally. You can zoom in on the image below.

The final version of the rich picture

The picture in place

As you can see it’s massive! The cool thing is as a digital asset it can actually be re-printed small, re used in Power point and re-worked as the Transport Catapult continues on its journey!

A massive printed version of the Rich Picture

What’s a Rich Picture?

A Rich Picture is a term I use to describe an image that merges text and images to deliver business information in an accessible and easy to read way. The images I make are part of a process. Graphic recording and generating work in facilitated workshops are also part of a process of developing ideas and creating understanding. They can be somewhat ephemeral and on occasion hard for people who were not there to understand.