Making Trade Shows Sing for Their Supper

Just like a business conference, a trade show is all about drawing in fresh audiences, engaging with potential clients and making the strongest possible positive impression on the people that matter. It can cost a great deal of money to hire, design and create an attention-grabbing exhibition stand, so it's vital to capitalise on the opportunity and maximise the commercial impact of your presence.

Show me a blank exhibition booth and I'll show you a unique opportunity to make exactly the kind of impact you're hoping for. It might look perfectly fluid and reactive, but when a client of mine decides to draw up a blank booth a great deal of planning and thought goes into the layout before I set pen to paper.

Once the planning side of things has been pinned down, we're ready to roll. The drawing I create on the big day has that unmistakeable live, impulsive feel to it, achieved through responding to the conversations, ideas and events I experience in the booth, as they happen. The results always draw a crowd and invariably go down a storm.

If you'd like to make your next trade show special, get in touch to discuss the details.

Blank Booth
Stand finished
Stand finished