Powerful, Inspirational, Engaging Graphic Recording for Businesses

At heart I am a cartoonist. It’s my passion. I have drawn since I could hold a pen. My work has appeared in The Times, the ‘i’ newspaper, and one piece resides in the Cartoon Museum’s collection in London. I have a degree in Drawing from Camberwell College of Arts and live in Oxford, UK. I travel around Europe and the world to draw, but the capital’s where I spend much of my working life.

Chris Shipton Virtual Scribe

Cartoons communicate complex ideas clearly and strongly

Cartoons are entertaining. But they’re much more than just funny pictures. They’re a simple, quick and direct method for delivering complex ideas, and importantly sequences of ideas. It might only take a few seconds to read a cartoon, to ‘get’ the message. But the meaning lasts far longer, lingering in the consciousness long after the viewer has moved on.

This site is all about the cartoons and visualisations I create for businesses. When I draw in front of large groups of people it’s called live illustration, graphic recording or scribing. These rapidly-produced visualisations help people communicate complex business processes, work that’s often co-created in a particularly potent and inspiring way. The drawings I create for these processes are used by businesses to present ideas, help groups think visually, engage people fully and strongly, and develop fresh new ideas.

Working across every sector and industry

I work at a broad range of events for a diverse set of clients, including conferences, meetings and gatherings covering subjects as varied as transport infrastructure, global heath, financial markets and future planning. They’re all unique. Each represents a fantastic opportunity to hear new ideas, draw pictures of them and communicate them in a way that delights, informs and inspires audiences.

In any spare time I have left over that isn’t dominated by my two small children, I work on my as yet un-self-published small press comic.

If you’d like to find out more about how graphic recording will support excellent business communications, get in touch for an informal discussion. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Shipton Graphic Recording Outside