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Live Illustration for business, done digitally

The only difference is we are online and global....

At heart, humans are visual beings. We are the universe’s best pattern-spotters. We respond just as powerfully to images as we do to words, sometimes more so. Illustrating something delivers a short cut, a fast route to understanding. And a drawing can get a message across a lot faster and more memorably than big chunks of hard-to-absorb text.

All this explains why live graphic recording is so influential, why it’s such a good way to make a business event more memorable. And it helps explain why my virtual scribing services are so popular, done remotely via today’s cutting-edge video tech.

Top Tech

Harnessing the latest video conferencing technology

I use a wide range of tools and tech to carry out Virtual Graphic Recording, including Facebook, Zoom, Team and Google Hangouts.

As a highly experienced graphic recorder all I need to do is simply plug into your meeting or event remotely, using the tech of your choice, and I can visualise everything as it happens in exactly the same way as I would in front of a live audience.

The power of imagery in business

Pictures engage people instantly, keeping them focused. Live illustration captures people’s creativity, generates bright ideas, and delivers insights.

Years of experience helps me illustrate immediate responses to discussions as they happen, Apple Pencil flying across tablet as the presentation, meeting, conference or any other kind of business event unfolds.

My drawings show the potential that words alone don’t always reveal. I can create beautiful, powerful visual Meeting Minutes that go right to the heart of the meaning of your meeting. I can add vital visual interest to tough, complex technical information. I’ll make your ideas unfold live, as you speak, expressing your words and ideas as inspirational drawings.

A fully engaged audience is business gold dust

Drawing the action live via a real-time video link really helps video conferences and virtual events stick in people’s minds, especially when they might have recently attended several ordinary virtual meetings and the novelty of remote meet-ups has worn off.

If you would like to create an unforgettable digital business event, I’ll help you to design a meeting that delivers clear and tangible results. And we’ll generate a top quality illustrated report for you afterwards.

The drawings I make are yours, after that, to do what you like with. You might use them to inspire planning, to inform future meetings, as an aide memoir, to circulate to staff, to illustrate documents, or even print them up large and use them as wall art. Fill your boots!

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