Graphic Recording is the large scale drawing of a meeting or event.

These drawings function as visual maps, capturing the event in words and images.

This kind of drawing engages audiences and helps people remember the day.

These events can be large or small, with an audience of 10 to 100.

From workshops to presentations, large drawings can make a big difference!

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Rich Pictures

Graphic Recording is about creating a work live and in the moment. A Rich Picture takes that work a step further. A rich picture involves taking time to carefully craft a drawing representing the themes and messages of complex ideas. They can be used for strategies, events, new ideas and more. And they make great posters, postcards and web content

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Sketchnotes are a cool thing to do with just a sketchbook, Think of it as Graphic Recording but A4. You can see some of my Sketchnotes and find out about The Sketchnote Handbook here.

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Some of the people who I have drawn for...

  • Oxford University Logo
  • UCL Logo
  • SAS Logo
  • MEC Logo
  • Sapient Nitro Logo
  • Saatchi and Saatchi Logo
  • Novartis Logo
  • Schawk Logo

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